Digestive Enzymes Capsules, Natural Prebiotic Boost & Probiotic Balance. Digestive Health Supplement, Bloating & Gas Relief. Multi-Enzyme Complex, Intestinal + Stomach Aid for Gluten and Lactose

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A formula that breaks down unwanted wastes such as toxins, cellular debris, and undigested proteins. Helps relieve inflammatory bowel discomfort with ingredients such as protease, bromelain and papain. Supports gluten digestion with aspergillopepsin.
Broad enzyme spectrum to aid your digestive system: amylase, protease and lipase are the three main and most important enzymes your body uses to digest food and our product includes these and more ingredients to support a perfect digestion.
Our special blend offers beneficial gut bacteria for a healthy digestion and immune system: enzymes are large biological molecules (mostly proteins) that catalyze chemical reactions in living organisms. They play a critical role in everyday life. All of your tissues, muscles, bones, organs, and cells are run by enzymes.

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