MegaFood Blood Builder Energy Boosting Iron Supplement Tablets

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IRON EQUALS ENERGY: Low Iron is the #1 cause of fatigue in women, and Iron deficiency is one of leading nutritional deficits experienced in the United States. Iron serves a critical purpose in our bodies, helping transport oxygen throughout the body. Effects felt from low iron and subsequent low oxygen levels range from fatigue and mental fogginess to compromising your immune system’s ability to fight off infections.
THE BOOST YOU NEED: Blood Builder is designed to help you boost your iron levels and restore your lost energy. It can be difficult to get the sufficient iron you need through diet alone, especially for those who adhere to vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. Women especially can benefit from the added lift provided through this unique formula.
MORE THAN JUST IRON: Made with FoodState® Vitamin C from Uncle Matt’s Organic oranges, and FoodState® Beet Root from Stahlbush® Island Farms – a traditional blood nourishing food, the Blood Builder formula was crafted with the intent of both aiding your body’s absorption of the iron it contains and providing complementary ingredients to further increase your energy.

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