Sleeve-Aide – Dressing & Independent Living Aid – Shirt Assist Tool

$8.99 (as of February 23, 2018, 10:10 am)

SHIRT DRESSING AID: It eliminates the stress and frustration of bunched up shirt sleeves by gently gripping your shirt sleeve while you slip on your jacket or sweater.
AID FOR DAILY LIVING: It makes daily life easier and improves the functional performance with an everyday task for people with mobility issues. It gives the user a profound sense of satisfaction and renewed independence that comes with being able to take care of an everyday task once again.
SIMPLE TO USE: Simply slide your fingers through the loop leaving the Sleeve-Aide resting in the palm of your hand and then attach the clip to your shirt sleeve. Next, slide your arm into your coat, jacket or sweater. Finally, detach clip and repeat the steps for the other sleeve.

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